A New Season + Living Room Design

Every year, I am amazed at the idea of seasons. As people, don’t we naturally crave them? Whether it be in climate, food, habits, or work, there is something about time periods and change we intrinsically need. It’s all too easy to talk (errr whine) about freezing winds or wildly humid days, but the truth is I love living in a location with seasons - visual reminders of newness.

The onset of Spring is one of the very best transitions. It brings an extra dose of anticipation and ambition. Anticipation for longer days and fresh food. Ambition to complete tasks and ideas that have lingered on through winter. Lately, I’ve been channeling this into small projects around the home - starting with our living room!

Really, the room has been about 80% done since late summer. And I’ve been about 80% happy with the room since late summer. It was around this same time that I reflected on the design philosophy I am trying to live by - buying slower to hopefully buy smarter. As Isaac and I have had months to live, host, and work in our living room, it’s become easier to see what we really want and need to round out the space.

Below is a the general design for the room. This is a mix of existing and wish-list items. The couch, accent chair, and bookshelves were early purchases, with the couch being the first piece we looked for - we knew it would anchor the room. While style was considered, this was a largely functional purchase. With a 1-bedroom apartment, having some sort of space for guests was a necessity. This Ikea sleeper pulls out into a full bed, while the chaise lifts up to house extra blankets and pillows.

The bookshelves and accent chair were part aesthetic, part function as well. We have a lot of books and records to store, but I knew a bulky bookcase would overwhelm the space. The modern black lines and glass shelves gave us the necessary storage without the extra visual weight.

There are a few more pieces in the room that aren’t pictured here - a TV on a low entertainment unit, a bar cart, and a small coffee table. The only large item left to find is the rug. Is this the hardest undertaking for anyone else?! I’ve combed through a few (hundred) options, and usually find them to be too cheap, too expensive, too large, or too bold. Color me picky. I’m loving the option pictured below though - it seems to bridge the modern bookshelf with the more transitional furniture, and the neutral color palette is perfect. Once the rug is in, we’ll look for a more substantial floor lamp, throw pillows, and small accessories to fill in gaps. I’m looking to add shades of dark green, neutrals in richer materials, and some fresh springtime florals.

As I look forward to finishing these details, I’m thankful for Spring; thankful for seasons. I’m thankful for a God who designed new days and months to nourish our naturally restless and curious minds. I hope the visual change of this next season brings with it fresh eyes for your same home, fresh motivation in a hobby, and fresh love for your community.