Valentine's Day once meant taping a thousand gummy snacks onto Disney Princess cards and finding my best pink, white, and red outfit to sport. This changes a bit with time. The older I get, the less hype I feel around this day. (Although the completely bare candy shelves at Target last night tell me this might just be in my head.)

Despite the madness our culture can place around the holiday, I actually love Valentine's Day. The day rarely brings up images of nice dinners or boxes of chocolate, but instead brings much softer colors and quieter ideas of celebration to mind. It's a day that reminds me to tell my family and friends that I love and miss them! It give me an excuse to buy pink M&M's or have a glass of champagne after dinner. To me, it's a day of simple little joys instead of big, grand gestures.

And who can't get behind a day of simple joys?

So - from me to you - happy Valentine's Day! I hope we can all lay down expectations for holidays, and find simple joys today. Whether in the form of a lunch-break-latte, writing a text to your mom, or finding time for a quick walk outside - enjoy the day!

Here are some images pulling together my Valentine's philosophy and ideal color scheme: soft pinks, whites, blacks; beauty found in food and drink, nature, and the home.




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