Holiday Collection

It should come as no surprise that even my holiday decor remains fairly neutral. I mean, I certainly get a vibrant green tree and like to use the scraps to make a wreath or garland. I occasionally splurge on a few red berry sprigs for a centerpiece. I can even go wild on patterned gift bows and ribbon. But aside from these exceptions, I look for decor that feels more winter than holiday.


Maybe it’s because I am a total cheeseball with Christmas songs (Justin Bieber!), movies (Christmas Vacation with eggnog!), and now my own bedding (candy can colored flannel sheets!?) - that I just must tone it down in my decor.

Maybe it’s the fact that Minnesota winters are really just getting started come Christmastime.

Or maybe it’s just that tearing down ALL decor after Christmas is just too sad to bear. Whatever the reason, I look for pieces that can live on into January and even February. Pieces that can move from this home to the next; pieces that pair easily with both existing and future decorations.

Maybe you feel the same.


This year, I wanted to curate a small, cozy holiday home collection. For all the reasons above, and because, honestly, each of these pieces felt too special to share at any other time.

Brass, marble, and whites rule this small batch, ready to blend in with your pops of red and green perfectly. Happy decorating (or gifting!) It’s a wonderful month to nestle in at home.

Browse it all here.