Perhaps you have already stumbled across the site’s About page. In which case, I can only assume you heard the napkin talk and came back for more, baby. If this was not the case, you are confused and that's fine. Welcome!

For those of you that know me, you may have followed along with Tydal. (No, Jay-Z and I never did settle on who thought of it first.) This was my first dip into the sea of online shops. When Tydal began, I'd already had the dream to sell found goods for a few years. Needless to say I was anxious and excited to dive in. With the help of some friends I learned the difference between a sole proprietorship and LLC (I think - don’t quiz me on this), learned that even if I create SKU's for all of my inventory, I will never use them, and learned that pop-up shops, like most things in life, are best with wine and cheese. My business partner and I took the plunge into owning a shop and left no womenswear stone unturned. Clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry, housewares - it could all be found on our site.

Tydal existed in the world wide web for about a year; we held three pop-up events and had a blast doing it. I learned a lot - some business related, some personal. I am so thankful for the experience. Though it was shorter than I anticipated, I have never considered any part of the shop a “failure.” If there is a dream rattling around in our brains and we act on it, learning along the way - that is a success. My husband often reminds me that one day he wants our children to know that they can go for it. They can pursue new things, even if they are far from qualified. If we want to help foster this idea in our children - I need to believe it for myself. So lookie here, kids! I am yet again far from qualified, but yet again diving in. 

Every day since Tydal, I have been thinking forward to my next shop. My desire to see a shop filled with found yet curated goods was not gone - but it was different. To start, I wanted the shop to be more personal, with the name tied to me in some way. One afternoon I wrote out every name that popped into my head. I still have the list - it was underwhelming. I thought about what the shop was like in my head: it was feminine and slightly traditional. It loved pieces from the past. It related to the home.

House of Verna came into my mind and I put the list down, entirely sure this was it.

Verna is my late grandmother - mom to my mom. She was part mother, part wife, part entertainer, part homemaker, part artist. The information I have about her has come by way of storytelling and art. There has always been something a little romantic about her in my mind - the way she went back to art school after having children. The way she would invite the same friends over for cards, preparing a full spread to enjoy. The story of Annie’s House. (More on that later.) Considering these things quickly brought to mind the ways my own mom has inspired and encouraged me. Over the years, she’s shown me that entertaining and decorating can be beautiful while remaining simple. The name House of Verna drummed up notions of a home well lived-in, friends and family, good food, stories with punchlines, design, and understated strength and beauty. I hoped for this list to characterize both my personal home life and my shop.

As these concepts rolled around in my mind, pieces of House of Verna came together. There will be a shop opening this year. It will be paired down to women’s clothing and housewares. You can expect neutrals in the clothing - mix, match and layer away! Neutrals will be seen in the home section as well - creamy blankets, glassware, and plenty of wood and wicker. Along with the goods, I’ll be sharing entertaining ideas, recipes (your House of Verna martini glasses are going to need stuffed olives), design insights, and moments from our Minnesota home.

There are a few things that have motivated me to move forward with this idea. First, I believe the places we live can be more than shelter. I believe community is necessary and hospitality is powerful. Entertaining is at it’s best when we keep the food simple and the decor sweet, allowing us space to focus on people. Second, we are inundated with items that we're told will make our homes and wardrobes stylish enough, cool enough, instagram-worthy enough. There is a real pressure to collect the "right" things - and this can press us to buy items before we asses if we even truly love them. Wouldn't it be a wonderful change to purchase more slowly and intentionally? I would love to see us fill our closets and shelves with beautiful pieces that reflect our unique style and shift our buying patterns in a more purposeful and sustainable direction. Thirdly, to be real, I just want to have fun with it all.

I am so thankful you’re here! You can get in touch through the Contact page. Drop a note to say hello, ask a question, or let me know something you’d love to see in the shop or journal.

- Abby