Shop: Winter 2017

It's been nearly 3 months since my last journal post (?!!) and things have definitely changed since the days of perfecting my morning miel and experimenting with summer's produce. The pace of everyday life has picked up with each passing month - both personally and for House of Verna. The shop has now been open a little over 1 month! Thank you for your love and support in this beginning stage! I look forward to the many months ahead as I learn more about efficiency in shipping, buying, posting, writing, and almost everything in between.

One of the highlights of this first month was participating in a pop-up holiday market in Iowa. As I laid out every item I had, I loved seeing it all together visually. The soft honey shades of the baskets, the glassware, the whites and browns with pops of blue. I can't say that I purposefully bought the items as a collection - but it was a joy to see the items cohesively come together (much easier to do when you love white and cream as much as I do.) I discovered how important this was to me, and this influenced my winter buying. I intentionally shopped with not only the brand's aesthetic in mind, but also this particular season's collection.

This winter, I am intrigued by high-waisted trousers, scarves, simple jewelry, gold tones, shades of green and red, and of course neutrals to balance and brighten everything out. Below are some images that inspired me and that reflect what I hope for in this recent collection: warmth, softness, hospitality, and simplicity.

This is my favorite time of the whole year! I'm looking forward to going through the seasons with you and hopefully providing some holiday inspiration, outfits, and gift ideas. You can browse all the recent items here!



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sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6